"...And They Told Us Their Stories": A Book of Indian Stories


From the book: "In the following pages the reader will find stories that are written down as they were submitted or recorded. They have not been changed. As a result, many of the terms appear to promote or reinforce bias and stereotypes that are negative and would not normally be allowed to remain in a book for use in the schools. ---------- Terms like ‘whiteman’, ‘Indian’ and ‘halfbreed’ for example, have been included because those were the terms used by the storytellers. It was felt that to delete the controversial terms would not accurately represent the experiences and feelings being shared. -------------- Any attempt to examine and rationalize the historical record of Indian people’s journey through time is heavily dependent upon the quality of primary research that is unearthed. We gratefully acknowledge the efforts of the project team who invested their time to collect the stories and anecdotes recorded herein. These efforts were voluntary, all of the project members had other jobs and responsibilities that had to receive priority. The volunteer process and the quality of the material submitted is indeed noteworthy and signifies the importance of history of the band members in the Saskatoon district.” iv-v.

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Bear, Shirley, Funk, Jack, and Saskatoon District Tribal Council. "...And They Told Us Their Stories": A Book of Indian Stories. Saskatoon: Saskatoon District Tribal Council, 1991.

Bear, Shirley, George Sutherland, Carol Lafond, Florence Machiskinic, Marina Smokeyday, Christine Baldhead, Peter PeeAce, Gordon Royal, and Leona Daniels
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