Judy Badgerly Interview: Life in Section 29 (road allowance community)


This is an interview with Judy Badgerly (interviewed by Cheryl Troupe) about living on the road allowance community of Section 29, near Coxby and Glenmary,  Saskatchewan. Judy's father was Kyle Ballentyne, and her mother, Olive Brown. Her father was born and raised in Coxby and her mother was raised in Sanford, Saskatchewan. Judy makes note that the the Ballentyne's were originally from Cumberland House, and the Brown's from Ireland and Scotland. Judy talks about her experiences as a Métis woman - her upbrining, education, treatment at school, and the general day-to-day activities of family and community life. Judy also discusses aspects of cultural disconnection - not knowing how to speak an Indigenous language, feeling disconnected from Métis history and traditions. Judy reflects fondly on her life growing up in the community of Section 29, and shares many details about the social events and community happenings. 


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Judy Badgerly, Interview by Cheryl Troupe. Transcript. May 12, 2003. Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture. Gabriel Dumont Institute. http://www.metismuseum.ca/resource.php/14940


Badgerly, Judy
Troupe, Cheryl
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