Cowessess First Nation: Self-Government, Nation-Building and Treaty Land Entitlement.


Excerpt from Author's chapter, Page 240-241:

"TLE, while making reparations for policy inadequacies and in certain cases for the outright disregard of First Nations interests, provides a much-needed infusion of cash necessary to facilitate self-government. Hence, the importance placed by Saskatchewan First Nations, in particular, on negotiating an equitable TLE with federal and provincial officials. With these ideas in mind, this chapter examines the evolution, negotiations, and implementation of the Cowessess TLE using the Harvard Project’s nation-building criteria as the analytical framework, specifically the five principles for successful economic development. What is apparent is that economic development is not an economic concern outright but rather is considered imperative to developing effect governing institutions. Interestingly, Cowessess separately negotiated their TLE, which had not been validated by the federal government in time to participate in the historical processes that led to the negotiation and ratification of the 1992 Treaty Land Entitlement Framework (TLEFA) signed between the federal government and 25 Saskatchewan First Nations. Utilizing the nation-governing standards can in fact guide tri-partite negotiations processes, suggesting that to negotiate is not to acquiesce to government demands or pressure. In this case, Cowessess negotiators following through on community stipulations proceeded to exercise agency resulting in a negotiated agreement reflecting their constituent’s desires." (240-241).

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Innes, Robert Alexander and Terrence Ross Pelletier. "Cowessess First Nation: Self-Government, Nation-Building and Treaty Land Entitlement.” In Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: Current Trends and Issues. 3rd Edition. Ed. Yale Belanger. Saskatoon: Purich Publishing, 2008.

Innes, Robert Alexander
Pelletier, Terrence Ross
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