Two Solitudes? Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Opinion in Saskatchewan


This study covers survey data related to differences in opinion in Saskatchewan between Indigenous and non-Indigenous respondents regarding crime, the economy, health, and Indigenous self-government.

Excerpt, Page 6:

“The Taking the Pulse data allow us to get a snapshot of the opinions held by people in Saskatchewan on various topics and identify areas for further exploration. The study suggests that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people hold distinct views on many issues. Some views, such as those about Aboriginal self-government and Aboriginal taxation, indicate lack of general public knowledge about Aboriginal people and the Aboriginal and treaty rights. However, other differences are due to social, cultural, political, and economic factors. Although Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples occupy the same geographical location – and as the urban populations grows will increasingly do so – both groups very much represent two solitudes.” (6).

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Burduhl, Loleen, and Robert Alexander Innes. “Two Solitudes? Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Opinion in Saskatchewan.” Western Policy Analyst 4, no. 5 (2013): 6-8.

Burduhl, Loleen
Innes, Robert
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Copy of Western Policy Analyst vol 4, no 5