Coerced sterilization lawsuit filed


This short news article provides a summary on the litigations between a large group of Indigenous women and the Saskatoon Health Region, for charges that were made because of coerced/forced sexual sterilizations. The plaintiffs demonstrated that doctors in the the Saskatoon Health Region sterilized them against their will following the delivery of a child; this has greatly impacted their relationships, emotional state, and family lives. This article also reports on the external review of the Saskatoon Health Region, conducted by Yvonne Boyer and Judy Bartlett, that "The reviewers were contacted by 16 Indigenous women with experiences of coerced sterilization, who said they felt 'powerless, ignored and coerced into obscurely explained tubal ligation procedures."

Please read the news article for a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the coercive sterilization of Indigenous women in Saskatoon's Health Region.

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Adam, Betty Ann. “Coerced sterilization lawsuit filed.” Saskatoon StarPhoenix, October 16, 2018.

Adam, Betty Ann
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