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Saskatoon Judge Hears Timber Bay Residential School Claim

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"Hundreds of Métis children who suffered abuse while attending the Timber Bay residential school in northern Saskatchewan are hoping their fight for compensation will continue to move forward.

A Saskatoon judge is hearing arguments regarding a 12-year-old class action lawsuit filed by the Merchant Law Group on behalf of about 2,000 students who attended the school at Montreal Lake between 1952 and 1994."

Indigenous women come forward with accounts of forced sterilization, says lawyer Social Sharing

Following the 2015 report that the Saskatoon Health Region had coercively sterilized multiple Indigenous women, a class-action law suit has been brought forth by 100 Indigenous women from multiple provinces with accusations that they have all been sexually sterilized against their will. CBC News also contacted Karen Stote, a Canadian scholar who has extensively studied the Canadian State's intentional sterilization of Indigenous women as an act of genocide.

'I didn't want it done': Saskatoon woman was sterilized against her will

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"A Saskatoon woman sterilized against her will five years ago says she is still suffering physically and emotionally from the procedure.

Brenda Pelletier told CBC News she was a recovering addict when she underwent a tubal ligation at Royal University Hospital. Her mother was caring for her twin sons and four other children at the time.

When Pelletier delivered her youngest daughter, a social worker told her she couldn't leave until she had a tubal ligation. She said she was hounded to sign the consent form.

Coerced sterilization lawsuit filed

This short news article provides a summary on the litigations between a large group of Indigenous women and the Saskatoon Health Region, for charges that were made because of coerced/forced sexual sterilizations. The plaintiffs demonstrated that doctors in the the Saskatoon Health Region sterilized them against their will following the delivery of a child; this has greatly impacted their relationships, emotional state, and family lives.

Missing and Murdered: The Trafficked

"Missing and Murdered: The Trafficked" is an exposé Canada's human sex trafficking crisis that disproportionately effects Indigenous women and girls. The Globe and Mail's report is based on a 3 month study with 60 interviews from victims of sex trafficking. Interviews demonstrate the prevalence of sex trafficking within Canada, and how Indigenous women and girls are frequently targeted.

Is Racism to Blame for Over-Representation of Aboriginal Kids in the Foster System?

This short article discusses the over-representation of Indigenous children within the foster system in Saskatchewan. Interviewee Raven Sinclair states that this problem has arose due to colonialism, and the assumption that Indigenous parents aren't capable of caring for their children. Please read the full article.

History Matters: Round Prairie Métis made Saskatoon their home in early 20th Century

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"It’s often assumed that indigenous people did not settle in Saskatchewan cities until after the Second World War. That certainly was not the case for Saskatoon.

Beginning in the early 20th century, Métis families from Round Prairie began migrating to the city in search of employment. Thirty years later, the community had effectively relocated to the southern edges of the city.