Saskatoon Judge Hears Timber Bay Residential School Claim


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"Hundreds of Métis children who suffered abuse while attending the Timber Bay residential school in northern Saskatchewan are hoping their fight for compensation will continue to move forward.

A Saskatoon judge is hearing arguments regarding a 12-year-old class action lawsuit filed by the Merchant Law Group on behalf of about 2,000 students who attended the school at Montreal Lake between 1952 and 1994."

Timber Bay Children's Home is not federally recognized as a residential school, despite its function as a facility to house Metis and First Nations children who were stolen from their families and sent to school elsewhere. Timber Bay Children’s Home was originally a facility ran by the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission, and later the Brethren in Christ Church, between 1952-1994. Due to the failure of federal and provincial governments to recognize it as a residential school, survivors of Timber Bay Children's Home have been left without recourse in obtaining compensation which is available to some Residential School Survivors. Merchant Law Group LLP is pursuing class action litigation with regard to certain Western Canadian residential schools left out of the federal government’s 2005 IRS Class Action Settlement, Timber Bay Children's Home is one of them. In 2013, a certification hearing was held with regard to the Timber Bay Residential School. Certification issues are before the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

News article from 2022 on the still unrecognized Timber Bay Residential School

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Bosker, Brent. "Saskatoon Judge hears Timber Bay residential school claim." paNOW, 2013.

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