Indigenous women come forward with accounts of forced sterilization, says lawyer Social Sharing


Following the 2015 report that the Saskatoon Health Region had coercively sterilized multiple Indigenous women, a class-action law suit has been brought forth by 100 Indigenous women from multiple provinces with accusations that they have all been sexually sterilized against their will. CBC News also contacted Karen Stote, a Canadian scholar who has extensively studied the Canadian State's intentional sterilization of Indigenous women as an act of genocide. Stote is quoted throughout the article on the sterilizations of Indigenous women from across Canada, and the policies enacted by the federal government that promoted and instituted genocide. For more information on these policies and the lawsuit, please read the article published for free by the CBC.


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Zingel, Avery. "Indigenous Women Come Forward with Accounts of Forced Sterilization, Says Lawyer." CBCnews. April 18, 2019.

Zingel, Avery
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