Student Death at Battleford Industrial School

Commissioner Dewdney reported to Ottawa that a student named 'Calah' had died at the Battleford Industrial School on May 26,1884 from injuries sustained prior to enrollment. In response, Rev. Clarke suggested that that all students should be examined by a doctor before enrollment. This idea was favored by Commissioner Dewdney who forwarded the recommendation on to Ottawa. On January 23, 1885 authorization was given by Ottawa to implement Clarke's suggestion.

Date Explanation
The pupil was reported to have died on May 26, 1884. Authorization to implement Clarke's suggestion was given on January 23, 1885.

(E. Dewdney, Commissioner, Letter to "The Right Honourable, The Superintendant General of Indian Affairs". B.S., (RG 10) Ottawa: P.A.C.)

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New students to be examined by a doctor before enrolment