History of Battleford Industrial School for Indians


Statement of Purpose, Page 2-4:

"The purpose of this historical study is to examine the development and effect of educational policies that established, supported, and closed Industrial Schools for Indians and, in particular, the Battleford Industrial School which existed in the North-West Territories from 1883 to 1905 and continued in the Province of Saskatchewan to 1914...

The federal government established and subsidized the Industrial Schools in Canada of which the Battleford Industrial School was one. The senior officials of the Department of Indian Affairs arranged for various religious denominations to administer and operate the schools. This study differs from other researches both in scope and in emphasis. It is much less universal, not only being restricted to a specific aspect of educational history but also, to a specific school and location. The emphasis will not be placed upon education and administrative policies in themselves, but rather upon the influence of these policies on the life and time of the Battleford Industrial School and its members." (2-4).

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Wasylow, Walter. "History of Battleford Industrial School for Indians." MA Thesis. University of Saskatchewan. 1972.

Wasylow, Walter Julian
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