Piapot Leaves Cypress Hills


In 1881, Piapot had chosen a reserve in the Cypress Hills, but in 1882 he, as well as other leaders, were told that they would only receive rations if they moved out of the Cypress Hills onto selected reserves. Indian Agent Allen Macdonald chose a reserve for Piapot near Indian Head, and the chief left the Cypress Hills with approximately 470 followers in June of 1882. Many people died on the journey from the Cypress Hills to Indian Head. Upon arrival at Qu’Appelle in July of 1882, Piapot voiced his concerns with the rations given to his people and the reserve chosen for them. He returned to the Cypress Hills later that summer, insisting that his people be granted the reserve in the Cypress Hills they were promised. When rations were once again cut, Piapot and his people returned to the reserve near Indian Head, though by September 1883 he still had not made clear whether they intended to stay. After many deaths during the winter of 1883, Piapot left the reserve in the spring of 1884, and moved towards Pasqua’s reserve, where the NWMP prepared for a fight, but Piapot agreed to negotiate at Fort Qu’Appelle rather than engage in armed conflict.

Piapot was granted a reserve beside Muscowpetung's in 1884.

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