Treaty 6 Adhesion


Chief Joseph Bighead agreed to sign on to Treaty 6 under the terms agreed upon in 1876. In 1913 he signed an Adhesion requesting that his community be allowed to fish and hunt on Lac des Iles, and that a reserve was to be surveyed in 1916. Treaty 6 provided signatories with reserves for farming, annuities, farming implements, education, hunting, fishing and trapping rights, and aid (most notably in times of famine or epidemic), in exchange for a cession of community land rights.

The community received a reserve in 1916 with good agricultural potential and have been reasonably prosperous due to agriculture, as well as, natural resources found on their lands. It was reported that the cattle on Reserve during 1926 were "some of the finest in the country" and that agriculture was prosperous, a potato plantation employing 60 people seasonally.
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