Saddle Lake Conference Resolutions

Following the resolutions that had been put forward the year before at the League of Indians in Western Canada’s first conference at Saddle Lake, the resolutions passed in 1932 were more specific. The group requested that all teachers at boarding and industrial schools be fully qualified, all farm instructors removed from Alberta and Saskatchewan, section 45 of the Indian Act (concerning permits) be abolished, and various amendments to the Indian Act since 1876 be abolished.


“Record and minutes of convention of League of Indians of Canada, Western Branch held at Saddle Lake Indian Reserve, Prince Albert, November 3rd and 5th, 1932.” P.A.C RG-10 “Notes on the Resolutions of Alberta Branch, League of Indians.” [no date] P.A.C RG-10

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Indian Affairs rejected most of these requests. By rejecting the requests of the League of Indians the Canadian Government was in certain ways breaking treaty rights (such as the right to control education), and were also continuing to assert their paternalistic presumptions that Indigenous peoples could not make their own decisions on their own welfare.
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