Aime Joseph Dumont Interview


Victoria Racette interviewed Aime Dumont at Duck Lake. Aime was born in St. Laurent, in a log house. His family homestead raised livestock in a large agricultural farm and with a garden. At times, they hunted, and more frequently, they fished along the river. Aime’s first job was at the farm, plowing, seeding, and harvesting at the age of 16. Aime was the nephew of Gabriel and Isadore Dumont. They participated in dances, playing fiddles and jigging especially on New Year’s Eve. His family went to church in Batoche once a week and the priest visited their house quite often. He went to school for five months during the spring/summer seasons. Aime recounts families and individuals engaged with the Métis Society. He also recalls the flu epidemics and how it effected his family. Aime retells his experience within the Saskatoon Sanitorium. --------------- Keywords: Housing, Land use (Subsistence Patterns), Warfare, Healthcare, Elections

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Dumont, Aime Joseph. Interview by Victoria Racette. Transcript. April 05, 1984. Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture. Gabriel Dumont Institute.

Dumont, Aime Joseph; Racette, Victoria
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