Assiniboine Elders Workshop by Donald Medicine Rope (3)


This transcript is from an "Assiniboine Elders Workshop" by Donald Medicine Rope, held in the early 1970s. Donald shares numerous stories about the histories of Assiniboine peoples (also known as Nakoda) from the Qu'Appelle Valley Reserves (he clarifies that Wood Mountain and the Evergreen mountains (Cypress Hills)). He recalls how American cowchasers, searching for stolen horses, came northward and "the Assiniboines got blamed for it." The cowchasers upon blaming the Assiniboine at Cypress Hills "made them drunk and were shooting them." The cowchasers stood above the camp and shot from above, killing numerous people within the camp. Following the incident, the RCMP from Maple Creek were sent to investigate and took Man Who Took the Coat, along with two other witnesses to Winnipeg. Man Who Took the Coat was made chief while in Winnipeg of the reserve back in Cypress Hills (no specific name given). He talks about treaty making with the government in Cypress Hills, the chiefs The Man Who Took the Coat, Long Lodge, Skinny Man from North Battleford and Lightening in the Sky-Boy-Piapot were all present. The rest of the workshop, Medicine Rope talks about the treaty negotiations and the provisions discussed.

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Medicine Rope, Donald. Transcript.1973. Tape number IH-457, transcript disc 66.. oURspace.

Medicine Rope, Donald.
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