Re-Surveying the South Saskatchewan River Valley


In 1888 the lots in townships 42, 43, 44, and 45 (region along the South Saskatchewan River that was historically Metis land) were resurveyed by the government. Portions of these townships were divided into riverlots. These lots were 8-10 chains wide and 1 mile deep. This new survey reconciled a key grievance of the Metis population, albeit in a small area, as their land use system was recognized by the federal government. After the survey many Métis people were more willing to make formal land entries. It should also be noted that confusion followed the resurveying of some lands, as temporary markers of new lots were erected. Many of these markers were moved or disrupted due to various causes, most notably flooding. As lots were often remarked, at times there were disagreements about who owned what land. By 1908 the original survey lines were corrected and iron posts were erected to divide lots.

See "Metis Community at Bonne Madon / Bonne-Madon" for more information on the cultural significance of river lots.

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