The Struggle Continues: Indigenous People Still Suffering from Rights Violations


This article highlights the domestic and political factors Indigenous women must navigate through in their lifetime. Settee emphasizes the significance of healing, which challenges the 'creation of empire' narrative that imperialist governments reinforce world-wide. Settee illustrates that while some international response to rights violations has been garnered, mainly through the work of Indigenous activism, there continues to be a disregard for Indigenous rights throughout Canada. However, global pressure directed towards Canadian rights' violations, notably the G7 Nations, is critically absent 

Settee states:

“In Saskatchewan, human rights violations have meant a boil-water condition on large numbers of First Nations communities, epidemic suicide rates among our youth, structural unemployment for the majority of our communities, early death from preventable diseases, outstanding land claims, and outstanding residential school settlements. And all these while the province and the country make record profits on our resources which have never been signed away or ceded."

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Settee, Priscilla. "The Struggle Continues: Indigenous People Still Suffering from Rights Violations." Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. March 1, 2009.

Settee, Priscilla
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