Fire at Lac La Ronge Mission Indian Residential School

In 1947, the Lac La Ronge Mission Indian Residential School burnt down in a fire that was reportedly caused by some of the students. Supposedly the students started the fire in an attempt to destroy the school so that they would be either sent home or able to runaway. The school, which had previously burnt down in 1920 and been rebuilt, was moved to Prince Albert along with its students and renamed All Saints School - Lac La Ronge.

Setting fire to residential schools was not an uncommon form of student resistance, and is indicative of the psychologically and physically oppressive environment experienced by students. In total there were over 50 major fires at residential schools with students being responsible for burning down Saint-Paul-des Metis, Alert Bay, Kuper Island, the Mohawk Institute, Mount Elgin, and Delmas residential schools in addition to Lac la Ronge. For more information on this topic see, "Runaways and Student Truancy in the Residential School System.'
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