Treaty 6

After negotiations were completed at Fort Carlton, Lieutenant-Governor Alexander Morris traveled to Fort Pitt and opened dialogue with additional Aboriginal leaders such as Chief Sweet Grass, and Chief Beardy of the Willow Cree Band regarding Treaty 6 . After four days various signatories signed adhesions to Treaty 6. -------------- Although Indigenous people did not cede their rights to the land, government officials recorded in the written document that they had. In exchange for transfer of title the Dominion of Canada on behalf of the Queen promised to provide one-time presents, annual annuities, annual salaries for chiefs, reserves, farming implements, the construction of schools, aid (in times of famine/epidemic) and guarantees of hunting, trapping and fishing rights.

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Treaty 6 negotiations resulted in Alexander Morris making two new concessions. He agreed to aid the signatory groups in times of pestilence and famine. Furthermore, he agreed to provide medical assistance to Indian communities. ------------- In Robert Talbot's biography on Morris, he writes that, "Implementing the other treaties Morris had negotiated proved equally difficult. The logistical problems facing the implementation of Treaties 3-6 mirrored those of Treaties 1 and 2, but were compounded by the even greater distance from the supply management centre at Fort Garry. Similar disagreements arose between Morris and Ottawa as to how much should be spent on agricultural implements. Disagreement over Treaties 5 and 6, particularly, intensified as Morris took on an increased role in directing treaty implementation from late 1875 to early 1877. ----------------- Chiefs and councillors began to complain early on over unfulfilled treaty promises, including a lack of reserves, provisions, and agricultural implements. They came to Morris in part because his position as the principle negotiator and representative of the Crown, but also because of his personal reputation for fairness and sympathy." Pg 146.
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