Manipulation of Provincial Elections in Northern Saskatchewan

The event concerns the first provincial elections that First Nations people could vote in, beginning in 1960. The interviews obtained focus on Northern Saskatchewan. As per Gwen Beck: “And there was a lot of, there was always quite a bit of liquor in those days, you know, involved in it.” To which the interviewer, Murray Dobbin asks the question “: So people would try and get votes by buying drinks?” Gwen responds by saying that many people who went to the polls were intoxicated, but does not outright say that the parties in the election had bought votes with alcohol.

Extension of Voting Rights

The right to vote was extended to all Aboriginal people, under the condition that they gave up their tax-exempt Indian status. Meaning, that any person who was "non-status" was eligible to vote, however, barriers to accessing the vote still remained. Universal enfranchisement for First Nations people was granted in 1960.